Whether it’s an election, a survey, ratification of a new policy, or market research. Vogo can help your audience voice their opinion.

Vogo was originally developed by Avenue 4 to fulfill the voting system needs of a specific client, but has become a solution trusted by many.


See how Vogo can make your next vote simple.

Learn more about what Vogo has to offer, and how it can be custom tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Key Features

  • Input of specific/repeating details, including delivery locations that go straight to the Comic Focus Factory at Cenveo
  • All the information you need for a specific job in one place
  • Easy access to print job archives for quick reprinting
  • In-depth publishing details for private internal workflow scheduling
comic tracker monitor

Comic Tracker can manage the details of printing thousands of copies of hundreds of titles for a number of different publishers. You approve all the information, then the project hits the print schedule.

We’ll print the quantities added up in the database and get the proper number of cover alternatives to the right recipients and warehouses.

comic tracker monitor

Streamline your print schedule with Comic Tracker.

Learn why Image Comics, IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios rely on Comic Tracker.

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