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Want to drive more leads to your website? Have questions about Facebook or Instagram advertising? Avenue 4's experts are ready to help you overcome your digital marketing challenges.

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Digital Marketing

Achieve your business goals with proven marketing strategies from Avenue 4.

Make a direct connection with your customers where they spend the most time online.


of adult Internet users use Facebook


of a consumer's time on their smartphone is spent on social networks in 2016.


chance a user who is retargeted will convert.

Be where the attention is. Generate real, qualified leads for your business, awareness for your products and brand, and gain insight into your audiences with well-crafted, proven digital strategies.

Digital marketing is a cost-effective, trackable, and crucial tool to acquire, nurture, and grow your customer base.

See Measurable Results

Track how long someone watched a video, where they went on your website after they clicked on an ad, and what they bought.

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Reach more people for less money than traditional advertising, and have the potential to instantly engage and follow-up with them.

Be Agile

React instantly if you notice that customers are relating to your messaging and adjust your audiences to reach more receptive potential customers based on new data.

Your Competition Is Already Ahead

In 2017, the majority of organizations are embracing digital marketing. Don't let your competition have an easy leg up. Digital marketing is no longer trendy, it's 100% necessary.

At Avenue 4 Communications we understand that you know your business best. We're here to help your audiences learn more about you and convert into paying customers through the power of digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Services

• Facebook Advertising
• Instagram Sponsored Posts
• Influencer Campaigns 
• Landing Pages 
• Content Marketing Strategy
• Website Content Strategy
• Facebook Video Advertising
• Social Media Coaching/Training
• Instagram Stories
• Social Media Marketing Strategy

What is Avenue 4's approach digital marketing?

First, our digital marketing team listens to your challenges and the goals you want to accomplish.

Then, we look at your needs and resources, and help identify opportunities to reach new audiences through digital advertising.

Next, we tie every element of a campaign to a goal, or key performance indicator (KPI). These KPIs can include generating leads for a specific service offering, increasing sales for a range of products, growing engagement on your social media pages, and more.

After that, we execute, using creative campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, your website, and other mediums to align with the KPIs we laid out. We're not afraid to make changes to the campaign to increase performance.

Finally, we deliver the results to you, with detailed reporting, including what we learned and can improve for the next campaign.

We specialize in helping your small to medium size businesses make the most of your digital marketing budget. You know your business best, and we're here to help potential customers recognize your knowledge, products, and services to the point where they engage with your brand and convert.

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Have questions about Pay Per Click advertising? Looking to generate more leads through your website? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. Phone or coffee, you pick!

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