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Red River Co-op

Avenue 4 worked with Red River Co-op to create beautiful in-store signage that tells the story of where your produce comes from when you buy local.

How do you tell the story of food once it’s already on the shelf?

Red River Co-op approached Avenue 4 because of our previous portfolio of event and store signage for trade shows. They needed eye-catching design that could draw people to make a last second purchase decision at the grocery.

Nothing is more local than a Co-op, with produce that is grown by your neighbour. That’s an important value to a lot of customers. It was key for people to see the faces of some of the growers who worked put that delicious produce on the shelves. and businesses.

Red River Co-Op Grown at Home poster

After providing the stories, bios, and photos of the farmers, our team went on an excursion to one of the nearby Red River Co-op locations that the banners and signs would be placed in.

A survey session led to inspiration for our designer Dianne, and she pulled in the wood elements that are used for produce boxes to create a light and natural theme that put the focus on the farmer.

Red River Co-Op Grown at Home potatoes poster Red River Co-Op Grown at Home tomatoes and pumpkins poster

Buying local produce is a great way to support your community and reduce your carbon footprint. Through this project, we grew a closer connection to local farmers, and got the chance to help promote their hard work.

Keep your eyes peeled for produce that’s Grown At Home at your local Red River Co-op!

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