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The AGI rebate calculator is a simple and powerful tool for farmers.

Helping Farmers Get Product Rebates

Avenue 4 created an easy to use software application for farmers to estimate prospective benefits, register their purchases, and get easy rebates on their products. Product administrators can also manage and approve registrations and issue rebates.

The AGI SHARE Program is the first ever equipment focused farmer program. It has been designed to help farmers find maximum value in the best products available. Farmers are eligible for rebates on seed and crop handling products by purchasing participating smoothwall bins.


  • Users can create an account to register purchases and provide proof of purchase.
  • Current owners, dealers, and equipment are matched within the database.
  • The system allows for quick rebate approvals to be sent out to equipment owners.
AGI Rebate Calculator Software

Our team worked with AGI to make sure the database had robust export features so it could integrate with other AGI systems. The calculator presented accurate and redeemable rebate amounts at the end of the process, with no waiting for farmers to see what they were eligible to receive.

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